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Stomach Flu or Gastroenteritis is a condition when there is intense swelling and inflammation within the stomach and intestines or the complete gastrointestinal tract leading to acute diarrhoea. In most cases, the fast spreading infection is related to a virus and inflammation is due to the reaction of their toxins. It may affect people of all ages, particularly children.



Generally, gastroenteritis is caused by virus infections.  Bacteria may also be responsible in some cases.  This condition may occur because of a contagious disease, an allergy or emotional disturbance. It is common for the condition to occur because of contamination of food.  Contaminated water and travel to areas with poor sanitation can also be probable causes. Other causes may include amoebic dysentery, digestive infections and food intolerance.



Symptoms of gastroenteritis usually consist of stomach pain or spasms, diarrhoea and/or vomiting.    Other symptoms may include loss of appetite, nausea, fever, chills, headaches and blood in stools or frequent watery stools.  An acute condition may cause dehydration which if not treated may lead to convulsions and in more serious cases kidney failure. 



Gastroenteritis will be diagnosed by a doctor based on symptoms, medical history and a physical examination of the patient.  Questions relating to travel history, exposure to poisons and any dietary change of the patient will help the doctor in identifying the condition. In some conditions, the doctor may suggest simple lab tests to be performed to identify the cause of the vomiting and diarrhoea.



Natural treatment for gastroenteritis could be sought from a nutritionist who can offer advice to change food habits and diet to prevent further problems. The doctor may advise the patient to undergo rehydration therapy to give relief. Homeopathic remedies may also prove useful in reducing the symptoms of gastroenteritis.

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