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Children with delayed skeleton maturation and puberty, who are otherwise healthy, are known to have growth problems.  This can be due to genetic factors, malnutrition and constitutional delays. Growth problems in children can arise due to a number of causes such as inability of a child to put on weight or if the child is putting on extra weight than that is needed.


There might be other disorders in the growth and develpment pattern of a child, but it must be studied whether the child is genuinely having a growth problem, or he or she is just having a normally delayed growth.


Growth and development of children have their own patterns, and are usually different for girls and boys. The normal cycle of growth in any child is demonstrated throughout his or her growing years, but is especially apparent by his or her attaining the puberty.  But for some children there is a constitutional growth problem that needs to be treated.



Some of the common factors that can lead to growth problems are as follows:

Premature babies

Babies of small parents

Physical illness

Improper feeding

Emotional neglect

Coelic disease

Cystic fibrosis

Crohn's disease


Eating disorders, like anorexia

Not getting adequate amounts of protein, calories, and other healthy nutrients in your diet

Number of other chronic medical conditions such as kidney, heart, lung, and intestinal diseases

People with sickle cell anemia

Hormonal imbalance, like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Genetic causes



Growth problem symptoms differ from one individual to another according to the causes and their individual growth pattern and not always apparent until a certain age, but some more general symptoms are as follows:

Failure to put on weight for babies

Excessive weight gain

Disproportional length and head circumference

Below normal height and weight ratio



If the child is showing any of the above mentioned symptoms of genuine growth problems, then the height and the weight of the child needs to be monitored on a regular basis based on the standard growth curves and charts that are available with the medical practitioners.  The following can help determine the cause of Growth problems:


Blood tests

X-Rays of the bone to find out the actual cause

Study of the growth pattern of the family

Hormone treatments if necessary, but with caution



Since growth problems are person specific, the treatment of growth problems also differ from one individual to another.  It is recommended to see a natural health practitioner for advice.

Some of the more general treatments are as follows: Thyroid medication, Hormone therapy, Nutritional therapy.

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