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An inability to comprehend or listen to sounds at different levels is termed as a hearing problem. It may be due to problems within the ear, infections in the ear, old age, occupational hazards or an injury.



Blockage of the ear canal, earwax, ear infections, swelling and presence of foreign bodies in the ear can cause hearing problems. Congenital defects, ear injury and possible growths in the ear canal may also interfere with sound conduction leading to a hearing problem. Other causes can be fluid in the ear, advancing age, trauma, noise (either industrial or recreational noise) and neural problems. Tuberculosis, arthritis, thyroid problems, kidney disorders, allergies, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and similar ailments may be associated with a hearing problem. The hearing problem may be caused due to these illnesses directly or because of the medications used to treat these conditions.



Hearing impairment is the main symptom of a hearing problem. Some people may lose the ability to hear very high sounds or very low tones. In presence of a strong background noise, some people, especially the elderly, find it difficult to comprehend regular conversation. Ringing in the ears, ear pain, vertigo and pressure changes might be felt by a few in certain cases. Sometimes sufferers may listen to the television or the radio at a very high volume and on some occasions might even avoid conversations and social interaction.



The doctor will make a note of the symptoms and perform a physical exam to confirm a diagnosis. The doctor may also prescribe tests to establish the extent of the hearing problem. Standard hearing evaluation procedures can be recommended by the doctor to help in assessing the condition of the person.



The doctor may suggest the use of hearing aids depending upon the extent of the hearing problem. Oral medicines can be prescribed or surgery may be recommended in certain cases.


Various alternative and complementary therapies can help improve the symptoms and treat the condition. Advice should be sought from a qualified practitioner for treatment options.

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