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Heart Palpitations



In presence of heart palpitations the heartbeat can be irregular, too fast or too slow. So, heart palpitations may be called as unpleasant sensations of irregular and/or forceful beating of the heart. There is occasional awareness of the heartbeat but constant awareness is a problem. Heart disease, blood loss, lack of oxygen and excessive pain can lead to palpitations. Heart palpitations may be felt in the chest, neck and throat.



Heart palpitations may be caused by exercise, anxiety, stress, fear or fever. Excessive intake of caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, diet pills or alcohol could sometimes give heart palpitations. An overactive thyroid or thyroid medication, anaemia and low levels of oxygen in the blood may be other possible causes of heart palpitations. Medications used for asthma, blood pressure or heart disease could also cause heart palpitations.



Dizziness, light headedness, unusual sweating, shortness of breath and chest pain can be the common symptoms of heart palpitations. A feeling of frequent extra heartbeats can be another symptom of this condition. A person suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure is at an increased risk of heart palpitations.



The doctor will perform a thorough physical examination with special emphasis on heart and lungs. The medical history of the patient and other questions relating to eating habits, exercise regimen and any medicines the person is taking will be taken into consideration by the doctor while making the diagnosis. For a careful and in depth evaluation of the condition further tests and procedures can be prescribed. If a patient shows severe symptoms, a more comprehensive and elaborate testing will be performed in specialised departments at hospitals.



A doctor will assess and prescribe accordingly. they may also recommend ways to try and reduce the risk factors associated with this condition. Meditation may be beneficial, to bring about mental discipline and calm in the patient. Breath therapy could also be recommended to a person suffering with heart palpitations as it may give relief from the symptoms. Sufferers may also be advised to undergo Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as it may help in removing stressful thinking patterns.

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