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Heat Stroke


Heat stroke is caused when the body absorbs more heat that it can radiate out or dissipate.  It can be a kind of hyperthermia. It happens when there is extreme or prolonged exposure to heat and high temperature. The body mechanism to regulate heat becomes overwhelmed and the body temperature rises. It is a medical emergency and needs immediate attention.



The human body metabolism generally generates heat, and it keeps the body cool by the evaporation of sweat. In extreme heat or high temperature, humidity and long periods of activity under the sun, the body cannot always dissipate the heat and as a result body temperature rises and that is the main cause for heat stroke. Other causes of heat stroke include dehydration, excessive use of alcohol, cardiovascular conditions, sweat gland ailments, pregnancy and obesity. People under certain medication can also be vulnerable to heat strokes.



Normal symptoms for heat stroke may be associated with the following:




Increased body temperature

Lack of sweat

Breathing difficulties


Heat strokes can also leave damage to the skin, and this can be cured through careful treatment.



There are no specific test that can diagnose heat stroke,  However, general blood tests may show signs of dehydration.  A doctor may monitor the body temperature and also monitor the heart rate.  Blood tests can also help to establish sodium levels, glucose and latic acid levels.



There are many things you can do to prevent heat stroke from happening in the first place such as:


Avoid dehydration – drink plenty of water and fluids in hot weather. Fresh fruit can also provide necessary vitamin supplements.

During hot weather, it is good to keep the body moist by having showers. 

The rays of the sun during summer mid-afternoons are at their peak and therefore you should avoid spending too much time during this time.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as possible.  Alcohol can increase your body heat, and caffeine can cause you to urinate more and as a result flushing out fluid from the body.

Gua Sha Massage can be useful treatment for heatstroke as it removes heat from the body.


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