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Lethargy is a state of listlessness, languor or exhaustion resulting from physical or mental stress. It is a symptom of a disease not an illness. One will become sluggish and inactive, and can also experience pains in different parts of the body.  Some people even observe changes in appetite patterns and bowel movement.



Lethargy can be due to jet lag, blood loss, poor nutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and sleep deprivation. Lethargy can also be caused by other ailments such as Kidney problems, Jaundice, Hepatitis, constipation, Bronchitis, adrenal gland issues, Gastritis, Diabetes, Measles and mononucleosis also cause lethargy. Psychological problems such as depression, Menopause and shock can also cause lethargy.



The most common symptom for lethargy is the feeling of being constantly tired, physically and mentally. One can also feel drowsy and appear to be slow in responding to normal activities.


Sometimes a person who is lethargic can experience certain muscle and joint pains in areas of their body.  They could also loose their appetite for eating and also suffer from bowel problems like constipation.



A doctor will study a person’s medical history and evaluating the cause for lethargy.  The physician will look at person’s quality of sleep, stress level, diet and exercise levels.  Blood tests can also be checked for infection.  Urine sample can be analysed for signs of other disease or diabetes.



Various complementary and alternative therapies can help improve the symptoms and treat the condition. Advice should be sought from a qualified practitioner for treatment options.

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