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A respiratory disease, Measles is caused by a virus, Morbilliviruses with symptoms of cough, runny nose, fever, red eyes and red rash all over the body. It is highly contagious and spreads through contact and contagious air. There is fever and a slight cough for 2-4 days before the red rash appears.


Measles is a highly infectious disease which is common amongst children. It usually occurs during the winter season. Red-spots appear for a brief period and then assume an epidemic form.



Virus is the main cause of this contagious disease. It is easily transmitted through droplets of moisture discharged from patient’s nose or mouth when he sneezes or coughs. Unhygienic living conditions and wrong feeding habits promote it further.



The initial symptoms include feeling tired, feverish feeling, cold, dry cough and watering of the eyes. Rashes appear 3-5 days after onset of the symptoms. Small round spots with reddened skin appear on the neck and sides of the face initially, and then spread all over the body. The rashes become darker with time. Measles is usually accompanied with diarrhea.



Measles can be easily identified by the doctor.  Usually the appearance and history of the patient can help diagnosis. The presence of rash can help identify measles.


Further blood tests may also be administered to check for any potential complications.


There is no conventional treatment to cure the infection. Once you have had measles you will develop immunity to it and will not contract it again. Homeopathic remedies can help provide relief to the fever and discomfort.

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