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Vision Problems



Eye diseases and visual disturbances such as blind spots, blurred vision, halos, double vision, floaters and blindness are categorised under vision problems. These may be due to eye injury, age, eye disease and diabetes.



Changes in the shape and size of the eyes may cause refractive disorders that in turn could cause vision problems. Difficulty in focusing on objects that are close, cloudiness over eye lens, increased pressure in the eye, swelling of the optic nerve due to infection, certain kinds of medications and excessive medication are other causes that give rise to vision problems. High exposure to the outdoor environment and extreme fatigue can cause vision problems too. Diabetes, high blood pressure or other health problems, advancing of age, inflammation or injury to the eye are other possible causes of vision problems. Other causes that may be considered are migraine headaches, stroke, bleeding into the eye or retinal detachment.   



People may experience eye pain from time to time. There can be loss of peripheral vision and the person’s vision may become blurred, distorted or cloudy. Eye irritation is another common symptom of any vision problem. Some people may experience flashes too (an arc of light that goes across the field of vision).  Hyperpigmentation or crusting of the eyelid might be another symptom indicating a vision problem.  The eyes may be itchy and watery and sometimes a few people may also get dry eyes. Difficulty in seeing objects whether near or far, difficulty in seeing at night, difficulty in distinguishing colours, sensitivity to light and involuntary twitching of the eye may be other symptoms of a person suffering with vision problems.



The doctor will perform a thorough physical examination and take down the medical history of the patient. A careful evaluation of the symptoms of the patient will be done by the doctor. Tests and procedures may be recommended as they may help in diagnosing the cause of the vision problems. Iridology, which is an alternative medicine technique, can also be used to diagnose the illness and it may help the practitioner to assess the vision problem.



The doctor will prescribe drugs after determining the cause of the problem. In certain cases, surgery may be suggested by the doctors to treat the vision problems.


Various alternative and complementary therapies can help improve the symptoms and treat the condition. Advice should be sought from a qualified practitioner for treatment options.

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