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An addiction is any obsession, extreme dependency or psychological compulsion on a substance or habit that can be physically or psychologically habit forming. In general usage, it is a term for narcotics, drugs, alcohol, gambling and sex stimulus or dependence. These obsessive unhealthy factors make a person act in a bizarre manner to continue their habit.



People from families who have a history of any kind of addiction can develop some addiction or the other. If children are raised by alcohol or drug addicted parents, they might grow up thinking that such behaviour or substance abuse is acceptable. If a person has experienced physical or psychological abuse and social discrimination in their childhood, they are more likely to become addicts when they grow up. Addiction is like a coping mechanism that helps the individual to deal with the strong negative emotions and the troublesome past. People involved in family conflicts and who suffer from frustration, depression and anxiety disorders are more at risk for developing addictions. Some drugs like cocaine create dependence and a person may get fully addicted to such kind of substances. For some, peer pressure, relationship changes, keeping up with social trends and a change in brain chemistry over time may be other causative factors.



A person’s health may be endangered due to their addiction and severe health problems may arise as a consequence. A person may feel annoyed when criticised about their addictions, show aggressive behaviour, can miss work and lose interest in social activities. Unexplained mood swings, paranoia, non clarity of thought, general neglect of themselves, impaired memory or eating and sleeping disorders are other possible symptoms. An addict may manipulate events and situations as well as spend any amount of money to indulge in the addiction in question.



The doctor will take a full medical history of the patient and do a physical examination. Several tests may be ordered to assess the condition and the extent of damage done to the body.



There are different kinds of treatment programs such as medical detoxification available and they are generally individualised. A doctor will suggest the best line of treatment for the person based on their needs.


Various complementary and alternative therapies can help improve the symptoms and treat the condition. Advice should be sought from a qualified practitioner for treatment options.

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