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Autoimmune Disease



This is a term used for a group of diseases caused by an overactive immune system which starts to fight against one’s own healthy cells and tissues. Usually immune suppressants (which lower the immune systems responses) are given to treat autoimmune diseases.



An autoimmune disorder is caused when the immune system attacks and destroys the normal body tissues as it can’t tell the difference between antigens (harmful substances) and the healthy body tissue. It is a hypersensitive reaction of the immune system. Some people may be genetically predisposed to autoimmune disorders. For a number of people, certain drugs, viruses or bacteria could trigger a change in the immune system. Certain environmental factors like pollution, toxins, etc., lack of sleep and exercise or tobacco and alcohol abuse could also contribute to a weakened immune system. Other contributory causes could be pregnancy, stress and anxiety, malnutrition, UV radiation and infections.


Destruction of good body tissue, abnormal growth of an organ or a change in the functionality of an organ could be the result of an autoimmune disorder. The symptoms that a person may experience include dizziness, weakness, a feeling of ill health, pain and low fever. In these circumstances, the person may get a number of health and medical problems that involve different organs and tissues due to the malfunctioning of the immune system. Symptoms may vary according to the person’s immune system but the most common ones may be inflammation, itchiness, stiffness in muscles and joints, extreme sensitivity to cold in the body extremities, oedema, blood sugar or weight changes, irritability and depression.



The doctor will primarily do a physical examination of the patient and make note of the symptoms and the medical history. The doctor may suggest the patient to undergo radiology studies and certain tests like blood tests and specific antibody tests as it may facilitate the evaluation and diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder. Iridology may be used to identify the areas of weakness in the body and assess the condition of the person. 



Various complementary and alternative therapies can help improve the symptoms and treat the condition. Advice should be sought from a qualified practitioner for treatment options.

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