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The grief and the process of coping with the death of a loved one is known as Bereavement. The loss of a close one may leave the person with psychological issues of anger, sadness and other physical symptoms of sleeplessness, loss of appetite and fatigue.


The loss of a loved one- parent, partner, friend (or even pet) is experienced by everyone at some time in their lives. Everyone reacts differently to this type of situation and a range of emotions can be felt. Sometimes we will have the opportunity to prepare ourselves but this doesn’t necessarily mean our reaction will be less severe than when the death is sudden.


Emotions akin to those involving a death, can also be experienced in other situations. The break-up of a relationship, a loved one moving away or loss of a job are examples.


A typical first reaction is shock. People can feel numb detached from the world. Depending on the circumstances, feelings of anger or guilt are also common. In the longer term, anxiety and depression can develop. Physical symptoms can include insomnia, loss of appetite, panic attacks or increased susceptibility to viruses.


Treatment will depend on the individual requirements. Some Bach Flower Remedies can be used to help with the emotions being experienced. For example, Star of Bethlehem for shock, Pine for guilt and Sweet Chestnut for extreme mental anguish when there seems to be no light left. Counselling and other talking therapies can also help.


Written by Dr. Gwenda Kyd

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