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Dandruff is a skin disease where there is over shedding of the dead skin from the scalp due to Malassezia globosa, a fungi that latches on the natural oils on the skin and multiplies. This accelerates the shedding of dead skin cells, also known as dandruff flakes.



The most common cause of dandruff is the presence of malassezia fungi that feeds on the oil secreted by the hair follicles. It can sometimes reach enormous proportions wherein there is increased scalp irritation leading to the shedding of dead skin cells thereby resulting in dandruff. People with certain skin disorders, mental stress and some kinds of illness are more prone to having dandruff.  Sometimes few people may show an adverse reaction to hair care products and may also not shampoo enough. This could cause dandruff. Dry skin, sensitivity to yeast and seborrheic dermatitis (irritated and oily skin) could be other possible causes. Improper brushing of hair and poor scalp hygiene may make people more susceptible to having dandruff.  People might have dandruff due to seasonal changes.



The main symptom of dandruff is the presence of white flakes on the scalp and in the hair. The head may feel tight, itchy or sore. Dark clothing makes the dandruff flakes more visible on the person’s shoulders. There could also be a possibility of dry facial skin or facial rash near eyebrows or ears. Sometimes chest rash or a back rash with red spots may also be another symptom of dandruff.



It is very easy to diagnose a case of dandruff. The presence of white flakes on the scalp makes it quite simple. A doctor can evaluate the condition by taking a look at the scalp and the skin of the patient. The doctor will also question the person regarding the symptoms to identify the condition. In rare cases, the doctors may suggest that certain tests or examinations be done to rule out other skin diseases or infections.



Various complementary and alternative therapies can help improve the symptoms and treat the condition. Advice should be sought from a qualified practitioner for treatment options.

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