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Deafness is a partial or complete loss of ability to detect, understand or comprehend sounds. It is a hearing impairment due to biological and environmental reasons, injury, accidents or congenital defects.



Ear infections, trauma, prolonged exposure to noise and after effects of certain medications are some of the common causes of deafness. Impairment in hearing can also be due to congenital defects, injury, heredity and ageing. Ear wax, foreign body in the ear, inflammation of the ear, excess of mucus blocking the Eustachian tube, tonsillitis, glue ear or mumps might be other factors causing deafness in a person. Occupational hearing loss may be common for people working in bars, pubs or nightclubs.



Some common signs and symptoms of deafness can be a partial or complete hearing impairment, loss of balance, sensitivity to sound and loss of hearing. Language impairment, lack of response to noise and delayed speech can be other symptoms of deafness. 



The doctor will do a physical examination of the patient and note down the medical and family history to assess the condition. The doctor will do simple tests to test the patient’s response to noise. Further investigations will be recommended by the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis of the extent of hearing loss.  



The doctor will suggest methods to amplify the hearing and improve communication. Use of hearing aids is recommended by the doctor based on the degree of hearing loss. In severe problematic cases, surgery may be required. In some cases, the doctor will prescribe drugs to clear the ear infection that could be causing a loss of hearing.


Various alternative and complementary therapies can help improve the symptoms and treat the condition. Advice should be sought from a qualified practitioner for treatment options.

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