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A mental disorder, depression is characterized by a low self esteem, mood swings, loss of pleasure in daily activities, feeling of hopelessness and in some cases, it leads to suicide. It's known to be caused by psycho-social, evolutionary, biological, hereditary and psychological factors. Therapies and medications help to control it.


The word depression is used to describe feeling low, but it is also a specific illness. The difference between the symptom and the illness is in severity and duration. In addition to feeling low all the time, someone with a depressive illness will suffer many other symptoms.


These can include losing interest in everyday life, losing appetite or conversely, comfort eating and disturbed sleeping patterns. It can have a number of causes including stressful events, a physical illness or early life experiences. Some people are genetically more likely to suffer from depression. Other factors which can contribute include over-use of alcohol or drugs or some types of prescription medication.


Depression can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. Severe depression can make daily life almost impossible. Treatment will depend on the severity and duration of the symptoms.


The herbal remedy St.John’s Wort can be used to treat mild or moderate depression. Some Bach Flower Essences may also be of use eg Wild Rose for apathy, Willow for self-pity and Mustard for unexplained gloom. Counselling or any therapy involving talking (eg Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Emotional Freedom Technique) will often be beneficial. If thoughts have turned to suicide however, help should be sought urgently.


Written by Dr. Gwenda Kyd

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