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An eye disease characterised by the low levels of tear production, and the tear film evaporation increase which leads to a feeling of roughness in the cornea and conjunctiva or the white portion of the eye. The eye surface lacks moisture and lubrication and it causes discomfort resulting in dry eye syndrome. Consequentially, there may be continuous eye irritation and this disorder may also lead to ocular inflammation of the front eye tissues.



Dry eyes may be caused if a person stays in an air-conditioned environment, heat or other adverse environmental factors. Another cause of dry eyes can be usage of certain medication. If there is a basic problem with the eye structure or tear ducts, this may also lead to dry eyes. People may also experience this condition as part of the natural aging process. Insufficient blinking, lack of natural lighting, dry indoor air, dust as well as extended contact lens wear are other causes that make dry eyes worse. In some cases, smoking also increases the risk.



In absence of sufficient lubrication, a person may experience pain, light sensitivity, a foreign body sensation, itching, redness and blurred vision. Certain people may suffer with excessive tears which is actually a distress signal from the eye. Other symptoms can be constant dryness and a scratching or burning feeling in the eyes.



Doctors may want to measure the quantity of tears in the eyes. Then they may prescribe tests to assess tear production and make a complete diagnosis of the dry eye condition. The doctor will make a detailed study of the patient’s symptoms to correctly evaluate the person’s condition.



Doctors may stipulate a series of steps that the patient has to follow to treat dry eyes. It may be suggested that the person’s diet is to be regulated and a proper diet plan may be drawn up with the help of a qualified nutritionist. The doctor may prescribe medicines to keep the eyes sufficiently lubricated giving relief from the symptoms of dry eyes. In certain cases, doctors can also advise the patient to go in for surgery. It is recommended that any aggravating environment conditions leading to dry eye syndrome should be avoided.


Various alternative and complementary therapies can help improve the symptoms and treat the condition. Advice should be sought from a qualified practitioner for treatment options.

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