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Epistaxis or Nosebleed is a common ailment and is characterized by the flow of blood, haemorrhage from the nasal cavity and nostrils. It may be caused by extreme heat, nose fracture, inflammatory reactions and foreign bodies.



There are numerous causes of Epistaxis. Infections (like sinusitis), hypertension, vitamin deficiency (vitamin C or K), bleeding disorders, nose injuries, trauma, nasal inflammation and obstructions, chemical irritants, foreign objects and allergies (like rhinitis and hay fever) are to name a few. A nose bleed may also be caused due to an excessive use of nasal decongestants, continual sneezing, a deviated septum, use of certain drugs like blood thinning medications, high altitudes and very cold weather. Liver disorders and nose tumours could be other responsible factors for this condition.



A person who is suffering from Epistaxis may have bleeding from one or both nostrils. Other symptoms could be drowsiness, weakness, frequent swallowing and a confused state of mind. A person may also experience a sensation of fluid in the back of the nose or throat.



The doctor will perform a physical examination and make note of the signs and symptoms. Information regarding the medical history as well as the family history of the patient is gathered and the doctor may suggest some tests to be done in order to accurately evaluate the condition. Allergy testing may be done to pinpoint the allergens that could be causing Epistaxis.



A doctor may recommend certain procedures that may be done to stop the bleeding. Antibiotics are generally prescribed by the doctor to cure any infection if present. In serious cases, a doctor may suggest the infusion of clotting factors.


Various complementary and alternative therapies can help improve the symptoms and treat the condition. Advice should be sought from a qualified practitioner for treatment options.

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