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Erectile Dysfunction



Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to maintain a penis erection despite sexual arousal, leading to the inability to perform sexually. Though it is a sexual dysfunction, it can indicate the risk of cardiovascular diseases and needs medical attention. Other causes of erectile dysfunction are neurological issues, psychological issues, hormonal insufficiencies, diabetes and side effects of drugs.



The general physical causes for erectile dysfunction can be reduced blood flow to the penis, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, vascular disease and nerve damage. Other underlying conditions that can be associated with this problem are diabetes, hormone imbalances, pelvic surgery, brain or spinal cord injuries and radiation therapy. Smoking or alcohol consumption can also be a risk factor for impotence.  For some men, this ailment may develop with advancing age and as a side effect of certain drugs.  When faced with psychological issues like worry, guilt, stress, anxiety and depression may also contribute to this problem. Feelings of nervousness, being overly self conscious, lack of self esteem, being in a troubled relationship and having a sense of hopelessness, all these can also lead to erectile dysfunction.



Inability to have an erection or inability to maintain the erection long enough are the main symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Someone suffering with this problem may also experience an intense range of emotions and feelings. The patient is faced with a feeling of sexual insecurity that in turn creates performance anxiety leading to more failures and negative emotions.



A thorough and detailed physical and medical examination by the doctor can help in ascertaining the condition of the patient. After making a note of the symptoms and the health history of the patient, the doctor can suggest some laboratory tests to detect the primary cause.



Various complementary and alternative therapies can help improve the symptoms and treat the condition. Advice should be sought from a qualified practitioner for treatment options.

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