A Japanese pressure point technique, Shiatsu is a healing modality. Pressure with fingers is applied on specific parts of the body to channel the energy flow through the meridians. A perfect combination of numerous pressure techniques and massage, Shiatsu works on acupressure points and massage t

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is an expressive therapy that utilises sound wave vibrations to treat a variety of illnesses. Music therapy is one of the main components and is used in interpersonal processes where a trained music therapist utilises music to heal emotions, physical and spiritual facets of a person

Spirit Release

Spirit Release is really all about how external energies can, on occasion, affect our energy system in detrimental ways. For those in the know spirit release is generally thought of as rectifying the problem of ghosts or spirits becoming attached to our own energy system or taking up residency in

Sports Massage

A massage therapy specially designed for athletes and sporting individuals, it focuses on the muscles relevant to the particular sport. Sports massage utilises a variety of techniques to increase endurance, prevent or lessen injury and recover faster. Swedish massage, hydrotherapy and trigger poi

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