My experience with The Bates Method

At eight I was so jealous of my sister as she needed glasses and I wanted a pair! Now at 30 I wear contacts and pretty much hate them! I guess the moral of the story is be careful what you wish for! I am short-sighted with a prescription of -2.00 in each eye.

Ever since I started wearing contact lenses, I hated them, from the cleaning to the inserting and removing and the irritation that they often bring when there is a bit of dust on the lens or if you get something in your eye after they have been put in.

It is something you just except as part of your routine and as part of your life. This was very much the case before laser eye surgery came along. It surprised me to learn that the first laser eye surgery was performed 23 years ago. However, it has become a lot more common in recent years with more and more companies offering it, from £1,000 per eye and upwards depending on various factors including the severity of the sight impairment. Although laser eye surgery can be pricey, it is relatively low risk, although the disclaimer you are made to sign is quite scary!

My sister had her eyes lasered a few years ago and has never looked back, she said it is as if she never wore glasses or contacts and would recommend it to others in a heartbeat. It has never appealed to me, although nor has wearing contacts for the rest of my life! I have come across The Bates Method a few times over the past 10 years and found it appealing as a natural method of restoring eyesight, but for whatever reason, never gave it a go. I now feel it is the right time to give this method a try, I don’t see how I have anything to lose. It demonstrates a series of exercises that relax the muscles of the eyes which then corrects sight and other eye disorders. You only need around 10-15 minutes a day and improvement depends on the severity of the sight impairment/problem and how long you have had it. It can take months to improve or correct, but I am willing to give it a go! You can find out more about the Bates Method here. I will be updating this blog regularly to keep you up-to-date with my progress and I hope very soon to be sharing the news that I no longer need contact lenses or glasses to see clearly!

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