My journey with Oxycise

I have enjoyed yoga on and off over the years, however, one of the most alarming things that was revealed by my yoga instructor in a session one day was that I wasn’t breathing properly! I didn’t understand at first and she explained that the normal way of breathing and the way we breathe as children is known as ‘diaphragmatic breathing’ and this is the ‘proper’ way of breathing.

Diaphragmatic breathing simply put means as you breathe in, your abdomen rises in order to take in as much air and oxygen as possible, and when you breathe out, your abdomen deflates in order to expel as much carbon dioxide as possible. I do the opposite, which is apparently very common. This way of breathing doesn’t utilise the breath in the best possible way.

Since then, I started to become more conscious of my breath and realised that it was short and shallow a lot of the time and at times I even held my breath for a short time! I also noticed the more stressed I was the shorter and shallower the breath was, but even when I was calm, it wasn’t great. The way I breathe has become a habit, and a bad one at that!

I have been feeling tired and sluggish for some time now and feel the way I breathe contributes to this massively. Looking for a solution, I came across the Oxycise program and it seems perfect for me as it involves not only breathing properly, but breathing in a way that gets the most amount of oxygen into the body. Oxycise! Online Store The breathing exercises have been made into a 15 minute routine which I will commit to do daily and report my findings here in this blog.

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