Bates – Part 1

So I have been learning and practising the exercises suggested in the e-book over the last couple of days. They are not hard exercises at all and once you’ve done and practised each one a couple of times, they are easy to get the hang off and you won’t need to keep checking the instructions.

What I haven’t managed to do yet, is dedicate a time to do the exercises on a daily basis, this means that not all of them get done daily and I often pick and choose one or two to do when I can find some time. I will aim to try and increase the time I dedicate to the exercises and will perhaps see what I can manage in 20 minutes and try to repeat it daily. I am still trying to establish a routine for these exercises, but am very pleased at their simplicity. I haven’t noticed any changes yet, but as I said I have only been doing them for a few days and quite sporadically at that. I shall endeavour to continue and report back soon!

Click here for more information on The Bates Method!

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