Oxycise – Part 1

So far I have been practising the basic breath of the Oxycise technique, which isn’t difficult, but when your normal breath is short and shallow, it does take some concentration and getting used to. Although I am only spending about 15 minutes on the basic breath a day, I am realising that I am becoming more aware of my breathing at points throughout the rest of the day. I am then able to re-adjust and take some deep breaths, before I slip into my normal bad habits again!

I don’t expect my breathing to be changed dramatically after such a short time and am pleased that I am giving it thought when not consciously working on the technique. As I continue and feel more comfortable with the basic breath, I will start to incorporate the rest of the technique, but until then I am happy with making progress in the right direction. Until next time……don’t forget to breath!

Click here for more information on Oxycise!

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