Riverford Organic Farms

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Why we recommend it?

We can’t recommend the Riverford box scheme highly enough. With concerns over the use of pesticides in farming today, this is a simple, affordable and convenient concept which allows you to get fruit and vegetables delivered right to your door.

Why are these products so good?

The products are fresher than supermarket fruit and vegetables and most are locally grown. The boxes go straight from them to you, not via packers or distribution centres. Their produce is around 20% cheaper than organic fruit and vegetables in supermarkets, and they offer free delivery.

Why you should buy?

If you are concerned about pesticides used in non-organic farming and the effect it could be having on your and your family’s health, then this is the perfect alternative for you. Organic fruit and vegetables are not always easy to find in supermarkets, and when they are offered, the prices are usually high. Save yourself time and money and order your weekly organic fruit and vegetable box and also receive free delivery!

Did you know?

Riverford can tell you exactly where the produce comes
from and you can also go and see it growing. They have looked after the
environment since day one – by the way they grow, by minimising waste, by
minimising and recycling packaging and by paying close attention to their
carbon footprint.

All Riverford’s produce are grown under Soil Association
certification, which means they abide by certain standards and are inspected.
They see organic as not just avoiding pesticides and chemicals, but they also
work with nature, not against it, ensuring the way they grow and operate is
sustainable in every way.


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