Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

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Why we recommend it?
Raw food diets can often be daunting and lets face it, boring. Not this one, this one is easy, fun and most of all delicious! And that’s not all, you don’t have to feel like you are doing it all alone as you are coached through with videos every step of the way. It’s not a long term commitment, you will see results quickly and you never know, you may even be so encouraged that you end up changing your eating habits for good!

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Why are these products so good?

This raw food cleanse is beneficial for the body in so many ways, cleanse for energy, weight loss, to detox and simply for better health. Raw food is full of enzymes, which are essential for the body to be able to function effectively.
Possible benefits of a raw food diet would include increased energy, an improved digestion, weight loss, clearer skin and a reduced risk of disease. This is due to the content and proper assimilation of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and a lower consumption of trans fats, saturated fat, sodium and sugar. A raw food diet is also high in fibre which is essential for a healthy digestive system.

A raw food diet is also thought to have a favourable effect in balancing the acid-alkaline ratio in the body. Too much acidity in the body is thought to result in disease and a raw food diet can be beneficial as it provides low acid forming foods.

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Why you should buy?

Changes can happen fast, as well as seeing long term benefits such as sustained weight loss and improved health. Raw and living food can allow you to enjoy delicious food with many health benefits.

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Did you know?

Heat from cooking is said to denature the enzymes naturally present in food, in temperatures above 44 degrees Celsius. That means their ability as the life force of food in helping us to digest food and absorb nutrients is diminished, and will eventually run out, if not topped up. Cooked food, if not absorbed, is stored in our bodies as toxins, which can lead to all sorts of illnesses and diseases. Our bodies are then forced to work harder to produce more enzymes. A lack of enzymes in food is thought to lead to digestive problems, nutrient deficiency, accelerated aging, weight gain, inflammation and diseases. A raw food diet cleanse can help to rectify this by providing the body with the enzymes that it needs.

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