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Why we recommend it?

It is such an easy and simple method of getting into shape, great for all those who have allergies to the gym! The simple exercises can be done in the comfort of your home and fit around your schedule.

It is also a very cheap way of boosting your metabolism, using oxygen, which last time I checked, was free! (Shhhh don’t tell the government)!

Why is it so good?

Simply because it can be performed by most people, regardless of your age and fitness level. It is a very powerful breathing system, combined with flexing and contracting all your major muscle groups. It contains a zero impact routine, which only takes 15 minutes a day!

The results? A revved up metabolism, lots more energy and a slimmer, trimmer more toned you! It also affects the entire body during the 15-minute Oxycise workout, including your face, neck, arms, abs, buttocks, saddlebags and inner thighs.

Oxycise! Official Website
Changing How You Lose Weight
In Only 15 Minutes a Day!

Why you should buy?

Because it can be performed by everyone, young people, seniors, athletes, those with back, knee, ankle and hip injuries, smokers, those with allergies, arthritis, MS, respiratory problems, those recovering from any sort of injury or surgery. Do you get the gist? This really is for everyone and can be modified easily to accommodate any physical challenge.

If you want to start seeing and feeling results in the first week, what do you have to lose? (Apart from all the weight that is)!

Oxycise! Health Benefits

Did you know?

Oxycise has been studied at three different universities and was shown to burn 140% more calories than riding a stationary bicycle!

Also, the second you start, is when it starts being effective, no warm up or cool down is needed!


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